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90 Minute Workshops

These are 90 minute workshops will run over three sessions during the conference. These are not bookable. There will be a maximum of 20 people in each workshop ensuring there is time for interaction and questions. Slides of most of the workshops will be available on request.

For questions or further information on the conference workshops, please email Melanie Goodwin.

Please note

Slides from many of the workshops can be seen here

Dr Zoë Pool
UKCP registered psychotherapist

Sue Richardson
UKCP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor

When nothing is ever enough

Dr Angela Kennedy
Consultant clinical psychologist

A spotlight on the dissociation informed aspects of a trauma informed program of service transformation.

Dr Valerie Sinason
Child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst

Theory isn’t Dreary!

Some helpful psychoanalytic concepts in working with DID

Dr Abby Seltzer
Consultant Psychiatrist

Mental Capacity and Risk Assessment in DID

Dr Elly Hanson
Clinical Psychologist

Turning away: A workshop drawing on art, poetry, film and discussion to explore the impact of distancing, minimisation and disbelief, and pathways forward.

Si Parton

A Fight for Survival

Zoe Hawton

Working in partnership a client led journey

Peter Garsden
Head of the abuse depart. Simpson Millar LLP solicitors & President of the Association of Child Abuse lawyers (ACAL)

Summary of the Law with reference to the psychology of abuse cases and DID/Multiple Personality Disorder.

Nancy Borrett, MBACP Accred, HCPC Reg. Consultant Psychotherapist working at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies

Kate Forbes-Pitt, BSc, MSc, PhD Specialist psychotherapist at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies

Bonds that bind: exploring loyalty and mourning in the context of organised criminal abuse

Kathryn Livingston BEM & Melanie Goodwin
Experts by experience & co-founders and trainers for First Person Plural

The Importance of the third therapeutic stage – Consolidation and Integrated Living

Teresa Moorhead
Psychotherapist specialist in Eating Disorders

"Out of my body": Working with bulimia nervosa as a dissociated part of the personality

Fran Connolly
Specialist Art Psychotherapist

The Effective Use of Art Psychotherapy with clients who have CPTSD, Dissociative Disorders and Severe and Enduring Anorexia.

Elizabeth Ross
MBACB(Accr) AdvDip in forensic counselling and Psychotherapy

Inside the mind of a ‘borderline personality disorder' (BPD)

Philippa Dryland
BACP accredited counsellor supervisor and trainer in complex trauma

An exploration of responses to trauma in people on the autistic spectrum - looking at trauma and dissociation through a different lens.

Dr Mike Lloyd
Chartered Clinical Psychologist NHS and private practice and
Carol Broad

The Journey Through DID Therapy

Lynne Ryan and Les Ryan

Facilitating services for traumatised children, which are a ‘TAD’ © informed: i.e. Therapeutic Services which are Trauma Informed; Attachment and ACES aware and which recognise and address Dissociation.

Dr Karen Treisman
Clinical Psychologist

Trauma-informed & trauma-responsive organisational change

Claire Harrison-Breed
Therapist and Senior Lecturer

Systemic Stabilisation of The System Around the Child and Young People Experiencing Trauma

Dr Adah Sachs
UKCP reg Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Severe and unusual self-harm, DID, and two young people that I hadn’t helped

Dr Zoë Pool
UKCP registered psychotherapist and Service Director of Hurting to Healing (formerly DAA)

"Who do I know...?"

Andrea Aldridge
Art Psychotherapist

Art Therapy - finding another language

Dr Kate Freshwater
Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Lead for CAT Cognitive Analytic Therapy Service
Dr Jayne Finch
Psychologist and CAT practitioner
Dr Lauren Moon
Psychologist and CAT practitioner

5 Session CAT Care Planning and Complex Trauma:
Staying off the map and promoting helpful relationships.

Dr Rosemary Carter
Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and CAT Practitioner
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

Reflections on using Cognitive Analytic Therapy with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dr Louise Harriss, Dr Rebecca Andrew and Dr Ruth Cureton

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Planting seeds - Growing awareness and developing services for complex dissociative disorders in an NHS mental health Trust

Dr Valerie Sinason
Child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst

Working with children with Dissociative Disorders and an Intellectual Disability 

Philip Luffman
Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Karen Harding
Community Psychiatric Nurse, Senior practitioner Complex Trauma & Dissociation.

Obstacles as Breakthrough’s, Embodied re-enactments as process oppurtunties in long term psychotherapy with clients with a Disssociative Identity Disorder

Carolynne Murphy
Forensic-based UKCP/HCPC registered Art Therapist

Hate, actually

Judy Williams
Consultant Specialist Psychotherapist

What would you do if...? Thinking outside the Citadels - extending our therapeutic horizons in the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Paula Biles
Trauma therapist

Using the natural energy of our Selves to heal - Internal Family Systems with complex dissociative clients

Dr Melanie Temple
Consultant Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Searching for the Mental Healthcare Holy Grail: Creating Multiagency Multidisciplinary “Functioning Care Teams” and “Care Pathways” Around the Patient 

Helena Crockford
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

Applying Mentalisation-Based Therapy (MBT) With Dissociative Difficulties

Michele Jowett and Melanie Goodwin, members of First Person Plural and experts by experience

DID Peer Support - Can it work?