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90 Minute Workshop Series

A Fight for Survival


The workshop ‘A Fight for Survival’ sounds rather dramatic but does represent the tone of the last 20 years of a journey through being the adoptive parent of a child who, it emerged, was suffering severe PTSD involving dissociative behaviours and issues surrounding identity and attachment. I am an expert by experience and hope to be able to paint the picture of my family’s journey living with a child with complex trauma. During this process I will also highlight what families with similar experiences need in order to survive.

Presenter: Si Parton

Outside of being a parent, my life has been in education. I have spent 40 years serving children and their families and for over half that time have been in leadership positions. I have worked at local and national level as a consultant on developing staff and teams and creating inter agency working models based around the ‘universal service’ which is the schools. I love music and play in a band and in addition have written a group of 12 songs, that are recorded and published, and that try to give an insight into some of the issues we, as a family, have had to try to understand and overcome.