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90 Minute Workshop Series

Hate, actually


Hate, often cited as the most ‘hated’ word in our English vocabulary, is more present in therapy than we admit: it’s attached to the noun ‘murderousness’ and the concepts of ‘cruelness’ ‘harshness’ ‘cruelty’ ‘hate’ ‘hatred’.

Actually, to hold a sense of murderousness is part of being human. We are all capable of murder.  When two, or more, people meet the possibility of a murderous encounter exists.  The form it takes may be symbolic or concrete.

This workshop will chart my experience of “I who feels murderousness” whilst working with four female convicted still incarcerated killers. Crimes of hate may turn inward or outward. As exemplified by harm to self or other.

Inside and outside prison hate exists as a means of expression in today’s global village. For example, statistics estimate one million individuals commit suicide annually.  Research shows men and women experience fear and hate similarly. So do appropriately balanced gendered attitudes exist or does it even matter?

In this workshop the existential link between hate and female aggression is placed centrepiece. The seminar aim is to support therapists to utilise their own aggressive agency and the agency they negotiate with their patients (male, female or intersex).

Presenter: Carolynne Murphy

Carolynne Murphy, a UKCP and HCPC registered psychotherapist, will focus on her Doctorate research and work in maximum secure prisons, to highlight how the integration of female aggression can free the healing agency within a relational, therapeutic and societal context.