90 Minute Workshop Series

Music for trauma recovery


This workshop will explore a range of musical activities that can help with recovery from negative effects of trauma. Music requires no verbal consideration of a problem, but many difficulties become evident while playing music together. Issues of control, anxiety, trust, dissociation, hypervigilance and many more are exposed when improvising music within a therapeutic environment. How do we recognise these traits and then how can we respond within that playful and creative relationship?
Connecting through music offers the opportunity to resonate, attune, accept, appreciate, explore and simply listen, which together become empowering tools to aid recovery from trauma related difficulties. Playing music together can be fun which helps develop positive self-stem and confidence. These skills can be transferred to other creative and play therapies. No musical skills are required.

Presenter: Joy Hasler

Joy Hasler is founder of Catchpoint, an Adoption Support Agency. She is a Music Therapist specialising in working with families affected by Complex Trauma. She also has experience of teaching music in a BESD school and as a foster carer of teenagers. Joy is an author and illustrator of publications about adoption and fostering, and is co-editor of ‘Creative Therapies for Complex Trauma’ JKP 2017