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90 Minute Workshop Series

Obstacles as Breakthrough’s, Embodied re-enactments as process opportunities in long term psychotherapy with clients with a Disssociative Identity Disorder


The workshop aims to explore, psychodrammatically, via 4 vignettes\role-plays, obstacles and dilemma’s that are learning opportunities in the treatment and support of people with dissociative identity disorder. Our hopeful intention is to advance moments of realisation and where possible integration. This is in the context of a 5 year, dual approach to treatment undertaken by a client within the NHS. We begin with an account of the disruption faced in attempting to manage dissociative experiences. The significance of family history, as remembered, and as felt!, throughout a therapeutic journey is outlined. We would like to place emphasis on how aspects of consent, secure and disorganised attachments have figured in our thinking about this work.


Phillip Luffman

Phil Luffman is a group analyst working within an NHS trust. Initially trained as a Psychiatrict Nurse. He has had an extensive career in psychotherapy with a special interest in Attachment Disorders . He is a practising Lay Buddhist which inspires his work. He knew very little about DID and DIDNOS when he first encountered a client with the disorder.

Karen Harding

I am a community psychiatric nurse with many years experience of working with complex clients. To my knowledge, my first encounter with a client with DID was 5 years ago, My learning curve from that point has been steep, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Within my caseload, I currently care co-ordinate 3 clients with a DID diagnosis. I am hoping to gain valuable information from the conference which I can share with my colleagues in Aberystwyth CMHT.