90 Minute Workshop Series

Obstacles as Breakthrough’s, Embodied re-enactments as process opportunities in long term psychotherapy with clients with a Disssociative Identity Disorder


The workshop will explore ,psychodramatically those obstacles that are also opputunities to advance moments of realisation and integration.


Phillip Luffman

Phil Luffman is a group analyst working within an NHS trust. Initially trained as a Psychiatrict Nurse. He has had an extensive career in psychotherapy with a special interest in Attachment Disorders . He is a practising Lay Buddhist which inspires his work. He knew very little about DID and DIDNOS when he first encountered a client with the disorder.

Karen Harding

I am a community psychiatric nurse with many years experience of working with complex clients. To my knowledge, my first encounter with a client with DID was 5 years ago, My learning curve from that point has been steep, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Within my caseload, I currently care co-ordinate 3 clients with a DID diagnosis. I am hoping to gain valuable information from the conference which I can share with my colleagues in Aberystwyth CMHT.