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90 Minute Workshop Series

Searching for the Mental Healthcare Holy Grail: Creating Multiagency Multidisciplinary “Functioning Care Teams” and “Care Pathways” Around the Patient


People with dissociative disorder often present with complex care needs, risk and difficulties which are best supported, as for other patients,  by a multidisciplinary approach across a stepped care pathway. This is routinely delivered for other patients with similarly complex issues but seems fail or be unavailable for those with dissociative disorders, even more so when there are other mental health comorbidities. Different services and disciplines all have roles but how do we bring these together and how do we create a pathway of options? How do we ensure the training / knowledge & supervision and support “team working” ensuring consistency across these? How get all the available information and knowledge into the care & risk planning? How do we ensure that all of the patients needs are considered and not just their psychological therapy needs? How is all of this clinically governed and managed to ensure that safe, appropriate and effective care is being delivered to the patient? And how do we get the patient to engage with it if we do…..?

This interactive workshop will look at issues within care delivery across disciplines and settings, consider barriers and go on to consider ways we can look to ensure we bring together multiagency multidisciplinary team working as standard to the care approach of patients with Dissociative Disorders. Case examples, patient and staff feedback with additional information from participants, will be used throughout.

Workshop Goal:  Creating an outline framework for “Care Around The Patient” for attendees to take away  to support them to consider how they can get this to work in their area for their patients.

Presenter: Dr Melanie Temple

Mel Temple is a consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist who has worked across military, NHS and private sector. She has experience in clinical settings across general psychiatry (community, inpatient, crisis), A&E Mental Health Liaison, addictions (community), eating disorders (inpatient, day patient & community) and provision of specialist Psychotherapy in secondary and tertiary settings. She’s been the responsible clinician and case manager / clinical advisor for complex cases in the NHS, provided service reviews and second opinions in approaches to care and actively involvement in service developments and pathways of care. She is the Lead clinician and consultant psychiatrist for the Kemp Unit, The Retreat York, a specialist inpatient unit dedicated to the treatment of patients with severe trauma and dissociative presentations with associated high risk presentations that can not be managed in the community setting.