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90 Minute Workshop Series

The Effective Use of Art Psychotherapy with clients who have CPTSD, Dissociative Disorders and Severe and Enduring Anorexia


I have worked for eight years for the Northern Centre for Eating Disorders during which time it has become apparent that often those eating disorder patients who become victims of ‘revolving door’ syndrome frequently have complex trauma experiences which have resulted in the development of dissociative disorders including DID. Art making in a safe and boundaried environment with a qualified Art Psychotherapist allows these clients time and opportunity to explore and get to know these aspects of their experience and to work with them to address both their traumatic experiences and the origin, function and maintaining factors of their eating disorders. This session will be co-presented by a service user and will involve a description of this process, presentation of a case study and a short practical experiential workshop.

Presenter: Fran Connolly

MA Art Psychotherapy
Member HCPC and BAAT

Fran is an Art Psychotherapist working for The Northern Centre for Eating Disorders TEWV NHS in both hospital and Day Service settings as well as working at The Retreat York on the Kemp Unit for women who have Complex PTSD and severe dissociative disorders.