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90 Minute Workshop Series

The Journey Through DID Therapy


The workshop with Carol and Mike is a reflection on four years of therapy between them for dissociative identity disorder. Carol and Mike speak about the journey through therapy, how it was set up (and funded!),  the pitfalls encountered, the way problems were dealt with and hints and tips for others in the same position. Ultimately the workshop is about hope and the ability for change and recovery to take place even under the most difficult of circumstances. The nature of the relationship between the people involved in therapy will be discussed and how honesty and humour can be so vital.


Dr Mike Lloyd

CTAD is run by Dr Mike Lloyd, BA, MSc, DClinPsych, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in complex trauma and dissociative disorders.

As well as running CTAD and Cheshire Psychology, Mike has worked in the NHS for many years within community adult mental health teams in Cheshire and has recently taken up a consultant post within the Ministry of Defence. Prior to this, Mike spent five years working in child & adolescent / paediatric mental health. Mike is a member of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD), having previously been on the ESTD Board and also a UK contact person. Mike teaches on the ESTD four day foundation course ("Assessment and Treatment of Dissociative  Disorders") and is a lifetime member of First Person Plural, the UK's most prominent expert-by-experience organisation for Dissociative Identity Disorder. He has presented in the UK, Europe and Canada. He is renovating a house in North Wales in preparation for a new clinic and rescues cats with the RSPCA.

Carol Broad

Carol Broad lives in rural Cheshire, and is currently a Psychotherapist  in training, she has spoken at various conferences within the UK and  overseas about Dissociative Identity Disorder. Carol has experienced her own remarkable journey of recovery from childhood trauma and now enjoys  sharing her experience and expertise in the hope others can benefit. In her spare time Carol likes to have fun, she loves to travel and enjoys writing a blog, she is also a keen watercolour painter and she adores  spending time with her family, especially her two beautiful granddaughters.