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90 Minute Workshop Series

Turning away: A workshop drawing on art, poetry, film and discussion to explore the impact of distancing, minimisation and disbelief, and pathways forward.



Presenter: Dr Elly Hanson

Dr Elly Hanson is an independent Clinical Psychologist who seeks to contribute to the prevention and cessation of abuse and reducing its impact. She undertakes consultation, research, training, and psychological assessments, working primarily with law enforcement, social work teams, and the voluntary sector. Her publications include chapters on the impact of online sexual abuse, therapeutic approaches for child and adult survivors, and preventing revictimization. She was on the panel of the Children's Commissioner for England’s Inquiry into sexual abuse within the family environment (CSAFE), and has worked therapeutically with adult survivors of abuse in an NHS substance misuse service, children and young people with problematic sexual behaviour in an NSPCC service, and looked after children.