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90 Minute Workshop Series

When nothing is ever enough


This workshop is designed as a seminar discussion for practitioners with some experience of clients whose needs present as unassaugable with parts who are difficult to engage, hostile or rejecting of the therapist for not being good enough. Discussion will be stimulated via a case vignette from the presenters’ respective perspectives of therapist and supervisor. It will highlight some of the factors driving patterns of ‘attackment’, their impact on the therapist and the difficult question of the viability of the therapeutic relationship. Participants will be invited to share their own experience of similar issues.

Presenters: Sue Richardson & Dr Zoë Pool

Sue is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor with over 30 years experience in the helping professions and a special interest in the impact of childhood trauma, including organised abuse and mind control. She is a founder member of the UK network of the ESTD and a member of the ESTD UK training group. A regular contributor to national and international conferences, Sue is the author & co-author of 2 books and a number of papers in the trauma and attachment fields. Her work includes taking part in 2 educational DVD’s on complex trauma and dissociation made by First Person Plural and an online attachment-based training module for ESTD UK. In recognition of her work in partnership with experts by experience, she has been made an honorary member of First Person Plural, a UK organisation for dissociative survivors and their allies.

Dr Zoë Pool is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, with over twenty years experienceworking with survivors of all forms of childhood abuse. Zoë has been the Service Director of Hurting to Healing (formerly DAA) since 2007, where shetrains and supervises a team of counsellors and supervisors, and works therapeutically with clients presenting with complex, attachment-based trauma and dissociation. Zoë also facilitates creative, expressive arts in therapy with individuals and groups.
Experienced in Ericksonian therapeutic hypnosis and therapeutic arts, Zoë works within fluid narratives of creative, embodied multiplicity in relationship. Zoë encourages movement between different ways of knowing, perceiving and relating to the experience of dissociating phenomena and states, with a focus on patterns that connect rather than clinical diagnosis. With great respect for selves-relations, Zoë seeks to help people liberate language, meanings and embodied experience from rigid, fixed frames.