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90 Minute Workshop Series

“Who do I know...?"


A creative exploration of how “Daisy” survived the horror of childhood sexual abuse supported by her dissociative identities. Through Daisy’s own words and artwork, Dr Zoë Pool presents Daisy’s participation in 1:1 art therapy, and her creative mask work in the creative therapies’ groupat Hurting to Healing.

Through the creative, survival resources revealed in her masks, Daisy connected the various phases and identities within her life, and gave meaning to previously disconnected thoughts and feelings and experiences. Empowered to tell her life story, Daisy finally made sense of her diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Presenter: Dr Zoë Pool

Dr Zoë Pool is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, with over twenty years experienceworking with survivors of all forms of childhood abuse. Zoë has been the Service Director of Hurting to Healing (formerly DAA) since 2007, where shetrains and supervises a team of counsellors and supervisors, and works therapeutically with clients presenting with complex, attachment-based trauma and dissociation. Zoë also facilitates creative, expressive arts in therapy with individuals and groups.

Experienced in Ericksonian therapeutic hypnosis and therapeutic arts, Zoë works within fluid narratives of creative, embodied multiplicity in relationship. Zoë encourages movement between different ways of knowing, perceiving and relating to the experience of dissociating phenomena and states, with a focus on patterns that connect rather than clinical diagnosis. With great respect for selves-relations, Zoë seeks to help people liberate language, meanings and embodied experience from rigid, fixed frames.