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90 Minute Workshop Series

Working in partnership - a client led journey


Using artwork with clients permission and playing an audio interview with a survivor to explore what was helpful in their therapeutic journey to improve their day to day functioning after extreme abuse and with a high level dissociation.

Presenter: Zoe Hawton

Zoe Hawton’s background was originally in the creative arts. Subsequently after training as a counsellor and supervisor, she has integrated the use of imagery in her therapeutic work where she specializes in work with complex trauma and dissociation . Zoe has worked with a variety of agencies in London and Manchester, including the NHS and specialist agencies who treat the impact of childhood sexual abuse and organized abuse. She has also worked with young people who have struggled with economic and social deprivation, in particular the traumatized clients who witnessed the ‘toxic trio’ of domestic violence, parental substance abuse and poor parental mental health. Zoe is currently at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies where she has been for the last eight years working with survivors of complex trauma. Zoe has received a commendation for her work with fragmented long term NHS clients and lectures and trains psychotherapists in developing greater awareness in recognizing dissociation and working with it therapeutically.