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90 Minute Workshop Series

Working with children with Dissociative Disorders and an Intellectual Disability 


Children with intellectual disabilities not only deal with the impact and consequences of their primary disability but also the societal responses to it. It is a sad fact that children with disabilities face stigma over their difference, are more likely to live in deprived circumstances and are more likely to be sexually abused. Living in a Western society that values intelligence such children are also less likely to access Psychotherapy. This makes the position of children who also have a Dissociative disorder even more precarious. Using clinical material this presentation shows how children with intellectual disability and Dissociative disorders can be helped by access to treatment. 

Presenter: Dr Valerie Sinason

Dr Valerie Sinason is a poet, writer, child and adolescent psychotherapist and Adult Psychoanalyst (largely retired) and was Founder Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies which she continues to consult to .She is a Trustee of the Institute for Psychotherapy and Disability, Chair of the Trust for the First People Arts Centre, South Africa and Hon Consultant Psychoanalyst at the University of Cape Town Child Guidance Clinic. She trained at the Tavistock Clinic and was then a consultant there for twenty years as well as at St Georges Hospital Medical School psychiatry of disability department. She was a member of the UKSSD and ESTD from the start and is a committee member of the ESTD newsletter. She was given a lifetime achievement award at the ISSTD 2016. She is widely published and lectures nationally and internationally on disability, trauma and dissociation.