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Poster Workshops

A number of poster displays will also be available.

For questions or further information on the conference workshops, please email Melanie Goodwin.

Dr Rainer Kurz - Chartered Psychologist specialising in assessment

Complex Trauma, Somatoform Dissociation and (Re-)Victimisation:

A UK Family Court Case Study

Richard Barber - Operational Director/Complex Trauma Lead

Piloting a Complex Trauma Pathway in a front line crisis service - a model for working therapeutically with people too 'unstable' for therapy

Frau, C., Caruso C., Pasquali, E.

Self Mirroring Therapy for Dissociative Identity Disorder: A pilot Study

Carys Evans MED - Postgraduate researcher

To evaluate the usefulness of a ‘Working with Clients with Trauma Related Dissociative Difficulties: Awareness and Skills Training’ for staff members.