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Working with Clients with Trauma Related Dissociative Difficulties: Awareness and Skills Training’ for staff members.

Project Summary
This project aims to evaluate the usefulness of a staff training package around working with clients with Trauma-related Dissociative Difficulties, with a particular focus on staff knowledge, capabilities and attitudes.

The project is split into two parts. The first will look at training evaluation forms from previous training sessions. This will give information about the number and type of staff who attend the training as well as their views on the training day.

The second question aims to determine the impact the training has on staff attitudes towards service users with dissociative difficulties. Staff attending the training day will complete an adapted version of the Personality Disorder – Knowledge and Skills Questionnaire (PD-KASQ (Bolton et al, 2010) before and 3 months after the training session.

The findings will be used to consider whether adaptions to the training package could improve these outcomes.

Presenter: Carys Evans MED

Postgraduate researcher