Slides from 2019 Conference

Fay Maxted OBE
CEO of the Survivors Trust since 2004

Fay with a colleague will give an up to date report on the Truth Project, the impact it is having on Survivors who are being supported to tell their stories and how it is hoped the outcomes will influence the future.

Sarah Robinson – Accredited Psychological Therapist/EMDR/CB and Emma Groves and Jade Warner

Developing Trauma Informed Care

Dr Elly Hanson
Clinical Psychologist

Turning away: A workshop drawing on art, poetry, film and discussion to explore the impact of distancing, minimisation and disbelief, and pathways forward.

Sue Richardson
UKCP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor and a founder member of the UK network of the ESTD

Perpetrator- imitating personalities: A framework for understanding & practice

Dr Rainer Kurz – Chartered Psychologist specialising in assessment

Complex Trauma, Somatoform Dissociation and (Re-)Victimisation:

A UK Family Court Case Study

Dr Louise Harriss, Dr Rebecca Andrew and Dr Ruth Cureton

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Planting seeds – Growing awareness and developing services for complex dissociative disorders in an NHS mental health Trust

Peter Garsden
Head of the abuse depart. Simpson Millar LLP solicitors & President of the Association of Child Abuse lawyers (ACAL)

Summary of the Law with reference to the psychology of abuse cases and DID/Multiple Personality Disorder.

Michele Jowett and Melanie Goodwin, members of First Person Plural and experts by experience

DID Peer Support – Can it work?

Kathryn Livingston BEM & Melanie Goodwin
Experts by experience & co-founders and trainers for First Person Plural

The Importance of the third therapeutic stage – Consolidation and Integrated Living

Nancy Borrett, MBACP Accred, HCPC Reg. Consultant Psychotherapist working at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies

Kate Forbes-Pitt, BSc, MSc, PhD Specialist psychotherapist at the Clinic for Dissociative Studies

Bonds that bind: exploring loyalty and mourning in the context of organised criminal abuse

Dr Rosemary Carter
Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and CAT Practitioner
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

Reflections on using Cognitive Analytic Therapy with Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dr Abby Seltzer
Consultant Psychiatrist

Mental Capacity and Risk Assessment in DID

Philippa Dryland
BACP accredited counsellor supervisor and trainer in complex trauma

An exploration of responses to trauma in people on the autistic spectrum – looking at trauma and dissociation through a different lens.

Helena Crockford
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust

Applying Mentalisation-Based Therapy (MBT) With Dissociative Difficulties

Sue Richardson- Trauma Lead
Dr Emma Groves – Principal Psychologist

The Highs and Lows of Trauma informed care