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Complex Trauma, Abuse and Dissociation –energising hope for the future

The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation – UK network, (ESTD-UK) in partnership with First Person Plural, (FPP) and the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust would like to welcome you to our second, two-day 2019 Spring Conference in York.

Working closely with the NHS ensures these two days provide a forum for the Trusts who have started to address ‘good practice’ in developing their trauma informed work and allowing them to share their experiences, including how they manage the many challenges this area of work brings. The Plenaries and Workshops provide an opportunity to understand and address the specific needs of those who experience a high level of complex dissociation, including dissociative identity disorder - DID.

The ESTD-UK and FPP have a long, well established working relationship, which includes the provision of training and demonstrates the advantages of collaborative working between clinicians and those with lived experience.

There will be a wealth of practical and theoretical information regarding working with children and adolescents which acknowledges growing expertise and understanding in this area.

You will hear how appropriate guidelines and therapeutic interventions are developing; the growing inclusive approach between the NHS and those in private practice; the stigma and many challenges experienced by those involved in this work and by those who live with DID and much more.

The workshops are offered at a variety of levels and many aim to reflect the way in which more and more trauma-informed clinicians wish to share their knowledge and expertise.

This conference is for anyone who has an interest in, or is already working with trauma, whether in private practice, the voluntary or the statutory sectors. There will be plenty of time for sharing and networking which we know from experience is an important part of the whole experience.

“I have just attended the national Conference in Norwich and wanted to say that the beauty of its warmth and depth of kindness amongst the people and the common desire to bring healing and hope and change. No one seemed to be championing their own greatness and there was a real sharing of common ground. There was a wealth of experience and a huge selection of talks and workshops to choose from”

This statement, from one of the workshop presenters in 2017 encapsulated what the organisers had hoped to achieve; please come along, make sure you book early to make full use of the offers, and help us to do this again. We look forward to you joining us and becoming part of a growing network bringing about real and sustainable change for this previously marginalised group of people.