These are 90 minute workshops will run over three sessions during the conference. These are not bookable. There will be a maximum of 20 people in each workshop ensuring there is time for interaction and questions. Slides of most of the workshops will be available on request.

For questions or further information on the conference workshops, please email Melanie Goodwin.

Richard Barber

Working ‘therapeutically’ with survivors of complex trauma in a frontline crisis service – progress and pitfalls

Joanne King

Ways to recognise your dissociative parts through Art Therapy

Mark Linington

Working with Severe Attachment Trauma: An attachment-based therapeutic understanding and approach to working with severe attachment trauma and people with dissociative identity disorders

Renée P Marks
Lynsey Everson

My child cannot stop crying! Exploration of dissociation due to medical trauma

Ms Kelly Jayne BA MA

What does Trauma look like? A workshop for visually expressing personal and/or learned understandings of what Complex Psychological Trauma is.

Wanda Dobson

Working with anger in the therapy room

Claire Harrison-Breed

Reconstructing the behavioural building blocks of traumatized children - practical strategies to reduce misinterpreting the child’s attempts to survive

Mr Rémy Aquarone

That crucial partnership between therapist and the protective/enraged/internalised abuser part/s of the system (PEI part)

Elisabeth Ross

Into Dark Places: In the Mind of a Sexual and Violent Offender

Dr Stephanie Sneider

Working with dissociation in a residential DBT setting

Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz

Recognising, Understanding and Countering ‘Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network’ (ORCAN) Activities

Sally-Anne Bubbers

Exploring hidden abuse which can occur within church culture

Michele Jowett
Rebeca Leal
Abigail Niall
Elpiana Lyra
Vezhina Hadzhieva

First Person Plural: An insight into the reality of living with DID

Amy Daroux and Sarah Noble-Kendrick

Exploring and Understanding The Role Of Therapeutic Parenting For Traumatised Children

Sue Richardson

Struggling for Relationship: Working with multiple attachment styles

Julian Turner

Partnership in Working with Parts of the Self

Dr Stuart Mitchell

How to promote mentalising in working with Trauma and Dissociation

Mandy Coghill (Therapist)
Em (living with DID)

DID – Not Just a Mental Health Condition!

Lesley Ryan

The Impact and Ripple effect of Trauma and Dissociation on the child in therapy, the therapeutic process and the family system

Lynne Ryan

Facilitating a phased approach to working with traumatised children: the use of creativity; psychoeducation and therapeutic tools

Lynne Ryan

“When the Body Speaks”: a case study exploring work with a child who presents with trauma memories, manifesting as paralysis

Joy Hasler

Rhythms for Resonance