2020 Workshop Series

Exploring hidden abuse which can occur within church culture

Presented by Sally-Anne Bubbers



There has been much focus on high profile sexual abuse particularly within the Church of England, but there is much subtle, insidious and varied abuse, layered within groups and organisations that call themselves ‘church’, which can result in deep psychological wounds for those associated with them.

We will share knowledge and experience from the group to broaden definitions of abuse beyond sexual abuse, exploring themes around identity, power and control.

Level: All

Intended Audience: Anyone

Max audience size: up to 15

Learning outcomes

1) Greater insight into the multifaceted abuse that can occur within various church denominations
2) How well intentioned and misguided ‘good intentions ’ can lead to deep psychological wounding
3) How Inappropriate boundaries can result in a sense of violation
4) How the therapists’ expectations of a nurturing community can blind them to detecting subtle abuse


Sally is a UKCP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor, trainer and pastoral supervisor, working in private practice, who has a particular interest in complex trauma, including survivors of abuse. Sally has also supported clergy and their families thought counselling for many years. Sally is certified advanced Sensorimotor Psychotherapist and is trained in internal Family Systems (IFS).