2020 Workshop Series

First Person Plural: An insight into the reality of living with DID

Presented by Michele Jowettand Rebeca Lealand Abigail Nialland Elpiana Lyraand Vezhina Hadzhieva


First Person Plural is an insight into the reality of living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, the stigma and many challenges that accompany this disorder. Rebeca and her crew interviewed four women that have this disorder making a series of documentaries consisting of four episodes, with an episode for each participant. In this documentary, they talk about DID in their own words, diagnosis, therapy, alters, their childhood, and living with DID. We will showcase only Michele's episode but the others will be available for purchase!


Intended Audience: All

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes

An insight into the reality of living with DID, the issues and condition that come with this disorder along with a Q&A with Michele.

It is an immersive experience into the life of Michele Jowett thereby helping everyone understand how DID impacts a sufferer’s life, and their relationships. It also explores how easy or hard it was to get a diagnosis, and treatment.


Michele Jowett: Michele is a person with lived experience of DID and a trainee psychotherapist. She was eager to participate in the film given her thirst to inform and educate. Her own research as an undergraduate into the misdiagnosis and controversy surrounding DID demonstrated that it emanates from insufficient training and she hopes the film will contribute to addressing this imperative need.

Michele is training to be a psychotherapist and has a special interest in working in the dissociative field in Cornwall where she lives. She presented at a dissociation and dissociative disorders conference in January 2017 and at the complex trauma, abuse and dissociation conference in March 2018. Her qualifications to date include OU Introduction to Counselling; CPCAB level 3 certificate in counselling studies; FdA counselling studies degree with distinction and diplomas in Professional Therapeutic Counselling and Eating Disorders. Michele is currently studying for her Advanced diploma in counselling level 4. She is a bereavement volunteer for Cruse and finds working intimately with people’s grief in which dissociation is a common symptom incredibly rewarding and an enormous privilege.

Rebeca Leal: Rebeca Leal is an outcoming Mexican Filmmaker with a huge passion for raising awareness in mental illness. She was the director and writer of First Person Plural, interviewing and preparing the questions for this documentary. She has a huge passion for DID and did a lot of research having known little about it. Consequently, she was able to ask the right questions, especially for someone with almost no knowledge about it. She hopes this documentary will raise awareness and help people who don't know a lot about DID, understand it a little bit more, and demonstrate the reality of living with DID.

Elpiana Lyra: Elpiana Lyra is an aspiring filmmaker with a special interest in the visual aspects of filmmaking. She is also very interested in the field of Psychology which made her want to work on this project and raise awareness of DID. She was the Director of Photography of First Person Plural and hoped to create an unusual frame. Since it is quite an unusual but interesting topic, she hoped to convey that visually by using various different colourful schemes.

Vezhina Hadzhieva: Vezhina Hadzhieva is a passionate Bulgarian film maker who hopes to participate in serious projects that deal with difficult topics, such as DID, and that need to be more widely accepted, explored, and known. On First Person Plural she is in the role of editor, whom assembles the filmed footage and sound whilst piecing together the narrative in an engaging and interesting way.