2020 Workshop Series

Partnership in Working with Parts of the Self

Presented by Julian Turner



Partnership between the parts of the self and the therapist is vital for working with individuals who dissociate. This workshop will look at how a successful partnership can be developed and what it can help achieve.

Partnership between person and therapist

• Safety, symptom management and keeping levels of distress under control
• Making sure the client feels seen and acknowledged
• Developing an approach to parts that suits the person
• Allowing the person to stay in control
• Learning to exercise control
• Enabling self determination and why autonomy matters
• Strengthening techniques
• Creating conditions for collaboration with a person's other parts
• Metaphors for the whole
• Enabling communication between client and parts
• Mindfulness and how it helps
• How common is it to show signs of dissociation?
• Are the signs easy to miss and what are the consequences if we do?
• Persistent symptoms and repeated relapse and how these might be a sign of having parts
• Working with self or working with parts of the self?
• This question is central for pieces of work undertaken with clients and includes resistance to the idea of parts

Level: All

Intended Audience: All

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes


Julian Turner was Chief Executive at Leeds Mind for 14 years until the end of 2010. He is a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer on mental health issues.