2020 Workshop Series

Recognising, Understanding and Countering ‘Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network’ (ORCAN) Activities

Presented by Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz

C. Psychol


The term ‘Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network’ (ORCAN) was coined to summarise the nature of extreme abuse criminality. The workshop will share activist experiences and aims to elicit participant contributions.

Recognising extreme abuse requires empathy as well as critical reflection. A mother alleged 2012 that she had witnessed incestuous rape of her toddler. Obeying a police instruction to delay reporting for several weeks led to loss of custody for her son due to ‘delusional disorder’. A dozen prior ‘gaslighting’ events were seemingly designed to make her account ‘unbelievable’.

Understanding is facilitated by the growing body of literature, events and Internet access. The mother disclosed that she delivered as a young teenager a baby that succeeded from incestuous rape and shortly afterwards ‘disappeared’. ‘Breeder Babies’ in Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) cults have repeatedly been reported e.g. in the Extreme Abuse Survey.

Numerous attempts were made to counter the shenanigans. Compromise allegations concerning the first court appointed experts were relayed. A fitness to practice concern was raised against a Clinical Psychologist. Assessments were commissioned from suitably qualified specialists. Proper investigation of the violent death of the toddler’s godmother was requested due to the presence of numerous suspicious artefacts suggesting cold-blooded arson-murder.

Level: All (Trigger Warning)

Intended Audience: Professionals and advocates working with extreme abuse victims.

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes

1) Familiarisation with the Extreme Abuse Survey
2) Understanding the nature and operation of an Organised Ritual Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN) in the British Isles
3) Recognition of somatoform dissociation symptoms
4) Understanding strengths and limitations of psychometric assessment tools
5) How to counter inadequate authority processes


Rainer Kurz is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in assessment.

Rainer studied Psychology in Bavaria before moving to the UK in 1989. Since completing his MSc in 1990 he worked in Research & Development roles for leading test publishers in the UK completing his PhD dissertation on ability testing in 2000. He is author of more than 150 papers, posters, articles and book chapters. He is the Science & Practice Strategy Convener of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP).

Since 2014 Rainer delivered more than 30 presentations on trauma, personality disorder, dyslexia, dissociation and healing at international peer-reviewed clinical conferences.