2020 Workshop Series

Struggling for Relationship: Working with multiple attachment styles

Presented by Sue Richardson

Attachment-based psychotherapist


This workshop will reflect on the therapeutic struggle to reformulate attachment relationships in both the internal and external worlds where different patterns of attachment characterise different parts of the personality. It will provide an over view of multiple attachment styles common to dissociative conditions which result in differing narratives of experience and attitudes to therapy. Participants will be given time in small groups to look at the challenges for both the survivor and the therapist where parts of the personality have learned to alter their emotional responses in order to survive trauma and hold contrasting beliefs about the struggle for relationship.

Level: All, provided participants already have some practice experience of working with dissociation.

Intended Audience: Psychotherapists, counsellors and other clinicians in any sector who work with dissociation

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes

Participants will:
* Be informed of different patterns of attachment affecting different parts of the personality.
* Understand specific attachment-based characteristics and behaviours.
* Explore the challenges for both the survivor and the therapist posed by multiple attachment styles.


Sue is a UKCP accredited psychotherapist and supervisor and member of the John Bowlby Centre. She has over 30 years experience in the helping professions and a special interest in the impact of childhood trauma, including organised abuse and mind control. She is a founder member of the UK network of the ESTD and of the ESTD UK training group. Also the author & co-author of 2 books and a number of papers in the trauma and attachment fields. Her work includes contributing to 2 educational DVD’s on complex trauma and dissociation made by First Person Plural and an online attachment-based training module for ESTD UK.