2020 Workshop Series

Ways to recognise your dissociative parts through Art Therapy

Presented by Joanne King

Art Psychotherapist


Within this presentation we will be discussing the effects of trauma and how this can cause individuals to dissociate as a coping mechanism. We will be exploring the multiple ways dissociation can take place from creating multiple personalities to block out particular memories and the affect this could have on someone who is going through the therapeutic process. Will therapy bring back these memories? Bring out a particular alter which is not desired by the client? Will this enrich the client positively or cause harm and possibly re traumatize them? What other ways could this affect the body? What can the therapist do to ensure a safe environment and protect the client?

The group will be invited to explore through Art ways in which they themselves have changed their own personality to adapt or protect themselves in situations and will have the opportunity to discuss this within a group. This is not a therapy session and more an exploration of self protection and an opportunity to celebrate the human self and its capabilities through the creative process. You do not have to be able to draw or have any creative talent to attend this workshop.

Level: Any

Intended Audience: All

Max audience size: 15

Learning outcomes

Learning how art therapy can be used in therapy with people who have
experienced trauma and dissociation and its Progress and pitfalls
● Recognising our own ways of possible dissociating
● Understanding personal experiences of dissociation through a case study
● To gain confidence with experimenting by using art materials in a group
therapeutic setting


Joanne King BA (hons), MA
I am a qualified and registered BAAT and HCPC Art Psychotherapist with over 10 years experience of working as a therapist and over 20 years working with mental health. I have had the privilege of working in a variety of sectors including adult and child psychosis,Trauma,Forensic, Drug and Alcohol, Narcissistic abuse as well as adoption and family Attachment Therapy. Throughout my profession I have had many clients who through their trauma have experienced dissociation and I have become fascinated by how this affects the body as well as the mind. Through the art therapeutic process I have been able to create techniques to help clients understand their experiences of dissociation and the effects it has had positively and negatively on themselves as individuals.