2020 Workshop Series

What does Trauma look like? A workshop for visually expressing personal and/or learned understandings of what Complex Psychological Trauma is.

Presented by Ms Kelly Jayne BA MA

Art Psychotherapist / PhD Doctor


I propose to deliver an Art Psychotherapy informed workshop, that is based on my research study question: -
Identification of Components and Elements of Art Psychotherapy treatment that contribute towards healing for Adults who have experienced Psychological Complex Psychological Trauma.

The expression of traumatic events and experiences can often feel challenging when using verbal language. My experience as an Art Psychotherapist, and human being, tells me that trauma doesn’t like order and that words don’t quite capture an experience or meaning. Being able to express trauma through image making can bypass the process of using words and allow for a gentle, non-intimidating and powerful form of process and expression.

The workshop aims to provide an experiential opportunity to use creativity and image making, to further understand trauma from a personal and/or clinical perspective.

Level: All

Intended Audience: Academics, Clinicians, Art Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, NHS funding bodies, Survivors, CQC bodies, Artists, Lay person.

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes


Kelly Jayne qualified for a Masters in Art Psychotherapy in 2012. She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, is a member of The British Association of Art Therapists; The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation and a Trustee / Advisor for The Champernowne Trust. Kelly has worked with a wide range of client groups and organisations, covering a range of roles including Clinical Lead, Clinical Supervisor, Trustee, Mental Health Advisor, Executive Director and Consultant. Kelly is also a professional Artist having recently exhibited at The National Gallery in Gdansk, Poland, as part of Made in Britain exhibition. As a PhD Researcher / Dotorand, Kelly specializes in working with people who have experienced Complex Psychological Trauma.