2020 Workshop Series

Working with dissociation in a residential DBT setting

Presented by Dr Stephanie Sneider

Principal clinical psychologist


Moira House is a residential rehabilitation service for women with complex trauma-based needs. We run full programme DBT in the service. We will share our experiences of working with complex dissociative difficulties within the residential rehabilitation setting, the team of residential staff as well as the barriers and solutions to using DBT to support the stabilisation phase of recovery.

Level: Introductory

Intended Audience: Staff interested in using DBT with people who experience dissociation, people who experience dissociation who are interested in DBT

Max audience size:

Learning outcomes

- sharing information about the development of the open residential DBT service
- what we have learnt about working with people who experience dissociation in an open residential setting
- how we have used DBT with people who experience severe dissociation


My interest is working with women within a gender and trauma-informed approach, which recognises the central importance of life experiences upon an individual’s sense of self, choice, control and power. I have worked for many years with women in inpatient and secure settings. Most recently I have worked to set up a new innovative service, working with women in an open rehabilitation setting where DBT is the underpinning therapeutic approach. I have a special interest in how to use DBT and the residential staff team to support the stabilisation phase of recovery from complex dissociative experiences.